Keep It Real

Pressed For Greatness

Juice Saves is San Diego’s #1 Organic, Plant-Based, Cold-Pressed Juice Bar. From our expertly-crafted juice blends and smoothies, to all your favorite breakfast bowls-like Acai and Dragonfruit- as well as a variety of healthy, all natural, plant-based grab and go items, Juice Saves is your resource for keeping it real.

At Juice Saves we value sustainability and use only the finest and freshest local, organic and non-GMO produce, and packaging made from recyclable, compostable and renewable materials.

At Juice Saves our juices are cold-pressed from only the finest and freshest organic and local ingredients, expertly for satisfying flavors and maximum nutritional content.

Cold-pressing is the preferred method to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Produce is first ground into a fine pulp, then squeezed via hydraulic press with tremendous pressure, extracting nearly every last drop of juice, as well as the highest quality plant-based nutrition available.

Cold press juicers use just enough pressure to extract juice while preserving its vitamins, enzymes, tracer minerals and overall nutrients-up to five times more than an other juicer! As cold press juicing is so precise, minimal air is introduced, preventing oxidation and allowing our juice to be enjoyed up to three days after extraction.